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Toilet paper is essential in life, especially for families with babies, the amount of paper used will be greater. In the past two years, a light yellow color of wood tissue paper began to "challenge" white tissue. On a closer look, it turns out that more and more families have quietly changed into natural color paper, mainly because they have accepted the idea that the natural color paper has no bleach and is more environmentally friendly.
当你走到超市购买纸巾的时候,就有推销员上来说扭王块模具 高铁遮板模具 阶梯护坡模具 拱形护坡模具 卵形槽模具 保定室内设计培训 保定平面设计培训:“这黄色的卫生纸不含荧光剂等各种添加剂,原料纯天然,比白色的纸巾更健康”。听起来好像有点道理,这是真的吗?
When you go to the supermarket to buy paper towels, a salesman says, "the Yellow toilet paper does not contain any additives such as fluorescent agents. The raw materials are pure and natural, which is more healthy than white tissue.". It sounds reasonable. Is that true?
Many places have been exposed to the problem that paper towels contain fluorescent agents. It is said that the white paper has been added with fluorescent agents, and the whiter the paper, the more fluorescent it will be.
In fact, according to China's regulations, recycled materials and fluorescent agents are allowed to be added reasonably in toilet paper such as roll paper and toilet paper; as long as the standard is not exceeded, the white toilet paper with fluorescent agent is also safe.
However, the country has higher requirements for the production of tissue paper. The use of fluorescent agents is not allowed for napkins, extraction papers, handkerchiefs and other tissues, and the requirements for indicators such as colonies are more stringent than toilet paper.


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